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Oscar San 2

Here is the second part of the action game I worked previously, Oscar San. This time is not only for 1 player, it is also for 2 players. It has more than 20 levels (some of them grouped by worlds) than the first part. You got the same objective: Fighting all enemies inside the screen and surviving. You can also use items to defeat enemies easier, including bosses.

Player 1 plays as Oscar San, while Player 2 plays as Meráry Suff.

Player 1 uses A and D keys to move, S to crouch, W to jump and V to attack.                              Player 2 uses left & right arrow keys to move, down to crouch, up to jump and P key to attack.       Both players can press Space Bar en Enter to pause the game.

In title screen, with the cursor situated in Start option, press V key to use Player 1' s keys or press P key to play as Player 2. If you press Space or Enter both players will participate simultaneosly.


Oscar San

Well this is my first project, Oscar San. Simple use the arrows to move and the Space bar to attack. You got to defeat all enemies on screen.      ========================================================================================== Este es mi primer proyecto, Oscar San. Solo usa las flechas para moverte y la barra espaciadora para atacar. Derrota a todos los enemigos en pantalla.

Download  here