Oscar R. Valdez here.

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Oscar-Richard Valdez's Mugen Creations

 Here you can download my characters I did in Mugen long ago.

Mugen is a fighting 2D game program designed by Electbyte that let's people create their own characters, scenes, etc.


NOTE: Before downloading, KEEP IN MIND all the following:

* This stuff belongs to my propiety. Please do NOT upload it to your website or somewhere else.

* For the moment THIS PLACE will be the ONLY ONE where my stuff can be downloaded. Any links going to this place are allowed. ;)

*You can upload mugen videos where my chars are being played. But also give me credit, OK? I'd like to watch' em, too. ^_^

* If you want to do something to my propiety, you MUST ask my permission. Write me at the Contact Me section or PM me at my social networks.

* If you find any bugs / glitches on my characters, let me know. I will try to fix them and get them ready as soon as possible. ^^!


Thank you.  I hope you to enjoy them :)

Oscar Richard



    VERSION 2.0     

Download HERE.

Occupation: Agent, University Student.

Likes videogames, electronica music, computer stuff and jogging.


Althought he has some spying experience, he's still being a young learner.


Cady Hudson


Download HERE.


Occupation: Student.

A valiant girl who fights to get what she wants.

Likes: bubblegum, hanging out in the city, jeans. 

Good friend with a lot of people, even Oscar Richard and Amanda Sigfield.