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About new Mario and Zelda :D

Posted on November 29, 2011 at 1:45 PM

Pff, long time no going here :PPPP

Well, almost busy with other things, you know.

OK, today I'm gonna tell you something I've enjoyed the two last weeks. Well, as you know I got the new Mario and Zelda games. Went to a Videogame store to pick them up. On Nov 13 I picked Super Mario 3D Land, wich was another good Mario game with some nostalgia, just like New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

Yes, it reminded me that super classic Super Mario Bros. 3 for NES. Yes, one reason is that classic tanooki suit, another way to defeat enemies besides the fire flower. The stages are too unique, just like that NES game and it will bring you to a very peculiar world and new way to play a Mario adventure. Of course, as always you have to rescue Princess Peach from that bad Bowser :P To tell you the truth, even the stages are something short, you'll have enought time to explore each one of them entirely. So it will entertein you for a long while by collecting many coins and beating records to the flag. Oh and there's also a new item: the Boomerang suit wich reminds me to the Hammer one from SMB3 :D



One week later I picked up another game wich until now it's more interesting for me:


Yes, the latest Zelda game. Well, the truth, I think this is the Zelda they call "An evolutionary Zelda game" and it's true cause thanks to the WiiRemote (with Motion) and Nunchuk, you can do more peculiar/new moves. Everything in this game (dungeons, characters, strategies, enemies' IQ, etc) is different. A great job Nintendo did I say. With the controllers now you can feel more like you are Link in Hyrule !! Of course in many parts of the game the speaking is a lot, but as you progress in the game, you'll see the action that was waiting for you. Until I've played I like it! some puzzles are harder to resolve so you'll be concentrated a lot in this game.

Oh yeah, from time 2 time, I progress with some of my future projects, you know. Just check my devianART account to see what I've got until now. I'll show the rest of my characters for both worlds: Oscar Richard and Oscar San series.

See ya -.

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