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the Wii U

Posted on August 9, 2011 at 11:05 PM

Well, it's been a looong timee like three months since I posted the last entry on this blog, the rumors about Project Cafe. You know, as every person, I'm busy with many things, lol. But, well, anyway, now that E3 has passed two months ago, the new Nintendo console has revealed as you know, the name's Wii U.

Many people got confused about wich one of these is the console and wich one is the controller. According to me the one with hands holding it is the controller, just what Reggie said :P (I think so). At start I didn't get too impressed about the controller. I was hoping it was just like another Wiimote with more buttons. But, as time was passing. I'm liking this tablet a lot, well, it has almost everything, also good for First Person Shooter games. This pad also has L,R,ZL,ZR buttons and it's just like the Classic controller of the Wii, or even more than just a Classic controller :P As I was watching Wii U videos, I saw all its functions (or maybe I mean, almost all): Has move sensor, gyro sensor, microphone, stereo speakers, and obviously, the touch screen with stylus. I got more impressed, then.

At this time I'm sure you saw all the videos of the console. However many of you got more questions about Wii U, like how many tables will support, (this is what I'm worried about) the graphics (I guess, since they showed some prototipes, but maybe with the bird video) and don't know what else. There are even rumors about two Wii U tables at once, even they say the chip inside will support up to four, but at start, games will use just one at the time. But let see what it really would do:

* In a FPS game, like Metroid Prime, each player could have their own radar (map) on the touch screen. Even in a Mario Kart game.

* We could communicate each one with mic and speakers, just like the We Speak accesory on the Wii.

* We could use the touch screen as a rear-viewmirror in a race game.

* Or maybe a secondary character interacting with him/her.

Well, there are many possibilities with the tablet-controller, but just time will tell if they will do all their best. About the Console itself, reminds me the XBox 360 design and the power button and sinc are perfect to reach :D I'm still waiting if there will be a new F-Zero game, oh and also the 4th part of Smash Bros, I want this on my 3DS first in order to bring it with me wherever I go :)

Well, greetings.

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